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Wedgelock Weight Classes

Wedgelock Weight Classes

Wedgelock attachments are built for a particular Wedgelock Weight Class, and are designed to fit the majority, if not all, of manufactured machines within that weight range. Occasionally, however, some manufacturers produce machines with specifications that lie outside standard parameters. We do not specify a weight range for our weight classes because machines are gradually getting larger while keeping a traditional model number, and new models are being produced that do not fit within logical weight classes. In general if you operate a 20 tonne excavator, you will find the Wedgelock attachment to fit your machine in the 210 weight class. If you are in doubt about your machine weight class, try searching via our BRAND page first, or Contact Us and we can tell you your Wedgelock Weight Class.

Find your machine model number in the right-hand column, then click on the blue WEIGHT CLASS button in the left column to see your available attachments for your machine.

Wedgelock Weight Class Model Numbers
015 15NX, 17NX, 17VX-3, 18J, 322D, 322G, 323G, 301.5, 8018, AX17, CX16, CX18, ZX17U, ZX17U-2, K008, KX41, U15, U17, PC15MR, PC18MR, R15, R16-7, R16-9, S015, SK015, SK17, SK17SR-3, SK15SR- 1,SK10SR-2, SK09SR, SV-08, T-15V, TB016, TB108, TB215R, VIO15, Vi017
022 20JX, 20NX, 301.7, 301.8, AX25, EC20, EX20UR, EX 22, KX61, PC20, R27, SK20, SK25, U20, U25, Vi020
028 25NX, 28N, 30NX, 302.5, 302.7, 8030, CX23, CX31, DX27, E26, 325, ZX27, ZX30, JCB2CX, KX71, KX91, NG25, NS25, PC25, R27-9, SK27, SK30, T25S, TB23, TB25, TB28, TB125, U25, VIO27
037 30NX, 35N, 35NX, 303CR, 303.5C-CR, 331G, 325C, 344G, 430ZHS, AX30, AX35, CX36, DWS035, DX35Z, E30B, E35B, ZX30, ZX35, KX91, KX121, NS35, PC30, PC35, R35Z, SK30, SK35, T35S, TB135, TB138, TB235, U35, Vi030, Vi035
045 40NX, 45N, 45NX, 50NX, 55NX, 55VX, 304, 304.5, 305, 305C-CR, 305E-CR. 435, 8040, 8052, AX40, AX50, E40, E45, E50, ZX40, ZX50, KX121, JCB3CX, JCB4CX, NG45, NH110, NT45, PC40, PC45, PC50, R55-7, S035, SK40, SK45, TB53FR, TB145, TB250, TC50/S40, Vi040, Vi045, Vi050, Vi055
055 55J, 55N, 65J, 65NX, 8052, 8080, DX60, EC55, ECR58, EW55, EC60, EX55, EX58, JCB3CX, JCB4CX, JD60, 161,KX057-4, PC55, PC60 R55, R55W-3, R60, SE50, S055, S50, S55, S55V-G, DW55, SK50UR-2, SK55, U45-3, U55-4, U48-4, VIO55, ZX60USB-3
070 80NX, 307, 308, 343E, 432, 442, E70B CX580BHL, DX80, S75, ECR88, JD85, KX080, PC60, PC75, PC88, S75, DX80, SH60, SH70, 9007B, SK70, SK75, SK80, TB175, TB80, TB180, Vi070, VIO75, ZX60, ZX70, ZX75, ZX80, R80, HD308
099 EX90,JD710, SH75u, PC80, PC90, PC95, SV100, TW85
130 311, 312, 314, M313, EC140, EC145, PC100, PC120, PC 128, PC130, PC138,R140, SH100, SH120, SH130, SH135, SK115, SK120, SK130, SK135, ZX110, ZX120, ZX130, ZX135, R110, R140, R145, HD512, HD513, DX140, JS130, JS145, S130, S140, TB1140
170 315, CX160, PC150, PC160, R160LC-7, S170, S175, SH160, SK170, ZX160, ZX170, ZX180, R160, R180, DX180, JS160, JS180
210 318, 320, CX210, EC210, JS200, PC200, PC210, PC220, R210, SH210, SK200, SK210, ZX200, ZX210, ZX225, HD820, HD823, DX225, S210, S220, S225
270 322, 324D, 325, 329, EC240, EC250, JD240, PC220, PC270, PC308, R250, SH240, SH270, SH290, SH300, SK220, SK225, SK 240, K250, SK260, ZX220, ZX250, ZX270, ZX280, HD1430
320 325D, 329D, 336D, EC290, JD350, ZX300, ZX330, ZX350, PC300, PC350 R290, SK330, SK350, SH330, SH350, HD1430, R320, R360, DX300, DX340
450 345, 349, JD450, SK480, SK500, SH,400, SH450, ZX400, ZX450, ZX470, EC460, PC400, PC450, HD450, DX520, R450, R500, R520

Weight Class not showing?

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