Excavators used in the construction industry are expected to perform multiple tasks with pinpoint accuracy, utilising a variety of attachments across a wide range of weight classes. Often sharing compressed and cluttered environments with a multitude of allied operators, the safety of all on-site personnel is paramount.

Demand for accuracy

Demands on construction equipment are many and varied, from the millimeter accuracy required of mini attachments to the all-day wearability of couplers and buckets. The Wedgelock Tilt Coupler offers the operator another dimension in accuracy and efficiency, with up to 180 degrees of rotation.

Safety is paramount

Wedgelock's market leading I-Lock hydraulic coupler takes complete operator safety to a new level.

The patented Instant Safety Knuckle ensures that the coupler is safe less than a second after first contact with the attachment, while the Primary Wedge locks the attachment to the machine and the Safety Arm protects fully against catastrophic loss of pressure.

Multi-Model couplers

The Wedgelock Multi-Model format means that a wide range of brands and types of attachment will fit our multi-model couplers, perfect for a construction excavator.

Tilt Coupler
Tilt Coupler: a versatile and talented timesaver.
Tilt Coupler

Cleaning Bucket
Cleaning Buckets: fast and efficient.
Cleaning Bucket