The demands of hireage companies are high. Machinery for hire must be robust and reliable, but above all else, safe and simple to operate. Wedgelock's range of I-Lock couplers are the safest on the market, with easy access to video operating instructions. Multi-model also ensures that a hired machine can pick up any existing attachments within its weight class.

Safety – all the time

Wedgelock's market leading I-Lock hydraulic coupler takes complete operator safety to a new level.

The patented Instant Safety Knuckle ensures that the coupler is safe less than a second after first contact with the attachment, while the Primary Wedge locks the attachment to the machine.

I-Lock Coupler

The requirement to switch quickly, safely and efficiently between tasks can be the difference between deadlines met and missed. The ICS (I-Lock Control System) allows simple detach/attach operations between attachments, with no steep learning curve.

Multi-Model couplers

The Wedgelock Multi-Model format means that a wide range of brands and types of attachment will fit our multi-model couplers, perfect for a construction excavator.

Civil-Roading Construction
I-Lock Coupler: safe, efficient and reliable.
I-Lock Coupler

Dig Bucket
Wedgelock Dig Buckets: fast and efficient.
Dig Bucket