The Wedgelock Forestry Coupler is specifically designed for operators that want to maximize the versatility of their machine fitted with a standard linkage and crowd cylinder in entry level forestry applications.


Common with Forestry Contractors the Forestry Coupler allows for the fitment of a grapple to the coupler without compromising safety. Pinning a grapple directly to the dipper arm is the safest method of connection. Fitting grapples to couplers using adaptor brackets can be hazardous.

The Forestry Coupler provides both a quick coupler for normal operation and an additional pivot point for fitting a grapple hanger to swing the grapple from.

I-Lock or Mechanical

Available in both the I-Lock and Mechanical versions the forestry couplers are sold complete with the grapple hanger bracket to suit your grapple.


The I-Lock Forestry Coupler includes the extensive Multi Model™ capability where the chassis of the coupler is designed to fit almost any attachment in the same weight class as the carrier machine. This enables Wedgelock to offer a coupler that gives the operator the ability to pick up any attachment without having to modify his buckets. The Wedgelock Multi-Model® design provides for different pin diameters and a greater pin centre variation than any other brand available.