Wedgelock Warranty

All Wedgelock Quick Couplers are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for the first 12 months from the date of delivery and/or 2000 machine hours, whichever comes first.

Wedgelock warrants all other Wedgelock-manufactured attachments or parts for a period of 6 months (180 days) or 1000 service hours, whichever occurs first.

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Contact us immediately

Contact us immediately regarding any potential Warranty claim.

To expedite the approval process, please ensure you follow the Warranty Claim Procedure outlined below.

As a minimum, you MUST give us either:

Serial Number
Description of problem
Supporting photos and any other relevant documentation


Product Type eg. tilt bucket
Product Model or Weight Class
Date of purchase and/or Purchase Order or Invoice number
Description of problem
Supporting photos and any other relevant documentation
Please note that Warranty work is subject to prior approval by Wedgelock or its approved representative. Any repairs undertaken without such approval are carried at the customer's own risk and expense and may render any Warranty claim invalid.

Warranty Claim Procedure

For timely resolution of Warranty Claims, Customers are requested to follow the procedures outlined below. Upon identification of a defect covered under Wedgelock's Standard Limited Warranty Policy, notify Wedgelock immediately and before any work is carried out on the attachment or part. To view the Wedgelock Warranty click here if you are a customer in New Zealand or elsewhere in the world.

Complete the Wedgelock Warranty Service Claim Form. Ensure that all the information and supporting material that is requested in this form is provided to Wedgelock in a timely manner.

Upon receipt of the Warranty Service Claim Form and supporting material Wedgelock will assess the claim, determine what action is required and issue a Warranty Claim Number. At this time Wedgelock will provide details of the proposed action, and if relevant, authorized reimbursable direct costs. Any parts to be supplied by Wedgelock to a third party Service Agent/Dealer Workshop will be noted and excluded from the calculation of reimbursable costs. All indirect costs such as mileage, pick-up/delivery costs, removal and re-installation etc, are the responsibility of the Customer.

Where Wedgelock has opted to replace, in full or part, the defective item(s), such replacement shall be arranged as quickly as possible.

Where repair work is to be carried out by Wedgelock, Wedgelock will make arrangements for the item to be collected from the nearest branch of the dealer, carry out the repairs and at its cost return the item(s) to the branch from which it was originally collected.

Where repair work is to be carried out by a third party Service Agent/Dealer Workshop, it is the Customer's responsibility to arrange for the delivery of the defective item(s) to the premises of the authorized Service Agent/Dealer Workshop. Upon completion of the required repair work, the Service Agent/Dealer Workshop will return the item(s) to the Customer at the Customer's cost and invoice Wedgelock for reimbursable direct costs associated with the Warranty Claim.

Note: any repair work carried out by a third party prior to a Warranty Claim Number being issued by Wedgelock shall have the effect of invalidating the claim. Third party invoices pertaining to the reimbursement of Warranty costs must include the Warranty Claim Number, date or service, description of work carried out and the Serial Number of the attachment or part on which such work was carried out. Failure to provide this information may delay payment and/or invalidate the claim.

Warranty Form (New Zealand)

Go HERE for Australia claims.

If the form is not showing, please email and they will contact you for a rapid resolution to your warranty claim.
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